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My Literary Work

As an English major, I have composed many literary works ranging across an array of topics. This page is a sample of such literary works.

Research Essay – Influence of Feminism within the Canon of Revenge Literature; the Evolution of the Woman Revenger.

This research paper encompasses the evolution and diversification of women in revenge literature, parallel with the establishment and growth of feminism.

Environmental & Societal Downfall in the Wake of an Apocalypse

This paper explores the collective downfall of both the tangible environment and observable societal tendencies in an apocalyptic world.

Industrialization & Impact on Indigenous Tribes in Maine

This document is an overview of a multi-step project I compiled in which I researched and analyzed the impact industrialism has had on indigenous tribes in Maine, indigenous peoples in general, and what solutions we as a nation may have to remedy the problem to the best of our ability and ensure it never happens again.

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